StrongVest ETF Platform

Our mission is to create a platform to provide active and passive investment management solutions for investors and advisors. For our first actively managed ETF, the CWA Income ETF (CWAI), we have partnered with Capital Wealth Advisors (CWA Asset Management Group, LLC). The CWA Income ETF leverages the operational capabilities of StrongVest Global Advisors, LLC acting as the Advisor, with the investment experience of the research team at Capital Wealth Advisors acting as the Sub-Advisor.

The CWA Income ETF


The CWA Income ETF (“Fund”) seeks to provide total return. The Fund will be actively managed.


CWAI seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing its assets in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds with varying maturities and equity securities. The Fund normally invests in investment grade corporate bonds of large cap domestic issuers, without a preference for particular market sectors, but the Fund may also invest in securities of small and mid-cap issuers, both foreign, including emerging markets, and domestic, in any market sector, regardless of credit quality.

The Fund may also invest in equity securities without restriction by market capitalization that are characterized by high dividend yield, including common stocks, preferred stocks, warrants, convertible securities, and pooled investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or other investment companies. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will not invest more than 20% of its total assets in equity securities.

The Fund At A Glance

Daily NAV as of 12/15/2017
Fund NAV Daily Change Market Closing Price Premium/Discount
CWA Income ETF $25.67 $0.04 $25.64 -0.14

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